"You don't heal from the tragedy but learn to cope with the loss and grief"

THE RIPPLE EFFECT is an educational resource developed to demonstrate the consequences of one simple decision and the impact on their families, friends and community.

Thought provoking, emotionally charged and challenging, this resource will leave the viewer wondering, WHAT IF?

We would like to thank Brent and Christine Laurenson and family, Melissa Lind, Joshua Dobson and David Oates for sharing their story with us. A special acknowledgement also goes to the Fourie family. Thank you all for allowing us into your lives even for a brief moment in time.

Through resonance comes cognisance; through cognisance comes understanding; through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and well-being.


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"The presentation is just right for us teenagers"

"The story and message is a very powerful one, it has made me really think about the way I drive."

"The DVD is raw and honest, and you can tell it is all told from the heart"

"I like that the story is told by teenagers around our own age, as well as the parents"

"The DVD gave me chills"

"I will be changing my behaviour in a car. If someone is scaring me I will say so"

"I'll be talking about this with my friends and family later"

"The DVD is heaps better than the ads"

"We always get told to stop speeding, this showed us why"

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